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It's scientifically proven that nicer looking apps look better :)
Get yours and enjoy rich designs and great user experience.

A little about us

TECnical Development creates websites and hybrid software applications.
We specialize in a seamless customer experience across all devices with the emphasis on user interface, user experience and artistic designs.

Mobile Apps

Does your business want to engage with customers? Do you have an idea for the next social media trend? TECnical Development can design and build your idea and bring it to your customers and the world.


Your website is how you present yourself to the world. TECnical Development’s excellent design team will work with you to create the best representation of yourself and / or company on the internet.

Services & Maintenance

Do you already have a website or app? TECnical Development’s engineer team can maintain your applications and websites. We work with Google, AWS and other cloud providers to assure maximum availability.


Nicer apps improve your business and your client's customer experience.
Come to us and have your own custom application.

Android iOS Web App Smartphone Tablet

Android & iOS

We specialize in a multi-platform customer experience across both iOS and Android. Your app will be supported by Apple and Android smartphones and tablets from the get-go.

Web Apps

Web apps are applications that run online as websites, just like some of social-media apps. Your app will be supported by devices with internet access and by desktop browsers.

Graphic Design

Whether it's a mobile application, a company logo or a business card, we can help you design it. Our team specializes in GUI design, user experience and digital art with complete confidentiality.


Put yourself out there with a great website designed to make you look great. Possibly better than you actually are.

Responsive designs for all devices

Elegant, eye pleasing content that dynamically adapts to any device.

Remote content editing for web owners

Reduce the hassle of changing your custom content with proprietory tools to update your website.

Free templates and layout customizations

Get your new website up quickly by starting your design with one of our custom templates.


3rd Party support

Whether its a Facebook Login option, a Google Calendar or a PayPal service, we will make it happen for you with endless customizable plugin libraries.


Need just a logo or a slogan banner? We can do that for you. Digital design is a wide spectrum in which we specialize, tell us what you need and we'll take care of the rest.


We offer server-side support as well as client-side. Your app might need to store data somewhere and we're taking care of that through Firebase and SQL API services.

Code Support

From bug fixes to fast and reliable algorithms, we take care of your app behind the scenes and whenever you want changes. Your app data and algorithms are nonpublic.


We specialize in user-interface/experience, which means we'll definitely support your app or website when it comes to interfacing. Want something changed? Let us know.

App Markets

If you need your app to be available for Android, iOS or other systems, we will make it accessible for users, anytime and anywhere.

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